What A Colourful Friday!

On Friday 25th November, the whole school had a mufti day. All the pupils could dress up in what they liked. They were allowed to do this with no money to donate but donations to the Christmas Fayre came in instead.

Thank you for all of your donations to the Christmas Fayre – they’ll be raffled off so keep your eyes open for lucky numbers!

House Points:

Killer Whales: 313 house points (4th place, better luck next time!)

Golden Eagles: 320 house points (3rd place, come on!)

Kodiak Bears: 331 house points (1st place, again?)

Bengal Tigers: 327 house points (2nd place, really close!)

Well done to the Kodiak Bears who have won yet again! Killer Whales we need you to try harder next week!


What happened to our attendance this week, it’s absolutely abysmal!

Foundation Stage Two: 83% (7th place, what happened?)

Year One: 94.3% (4th place)

Year Two: 95.6% (3rd place)

Year Three: 97% (2nd place, you were so close!)

Year Four: 94% (5th place)

Year Five: 97.6% (1st place well done!)

Year Six: 92.3% (6th place, come on!)

Well done to Year Five for winning the attendance cup again this term! The week average for our attendance was 93.4%, miles away from our 96% target. Let’s be a bit more healthy next week!

Christmas Nativity!

On Monday 28th November, Years One and Two performed an amazing Christmas nativity! This Christmas nativity was called Christmas Counts! It was performed at the Princess Theatre, Torquay. Check out the Herald Express next week for some Christmassy fun! Thanks go to Miss Page, Miss Shorland, Mrs Maskell, Miss Burton, Miss Gogh, Mrs Harding, Mrs Burke,  Mrs Stephens, all of the Performing Arts club and everyone else who helped to make this performance a great one.

Cookery Club!

Last week at cookery club, the children cooked up a storm with their chicken fajitas, couscous and chocolate brownies! These Year One and Two children have really enjoyed their cooking this term and they will be sad to switch with another group of children next term! We’re especially sure that their parents will miss the children coming home talking about their wonderful, tasty creations!

Topics in Years One and Two!

This term, Year One and Two have been doing some really exciting topics! Year One have done ‘Old And New’ and Year Two have done ‘The Great Fire Of London’. Look out for some displays decorating our hallways and their classrooms! These classes have really enjoyed history this term and eagerly await next term’s topic!

What to expect from the Christmas Fayre 2016!

This year, at the Christmas Fayre, Performing Arts club are singing to open the fayre. They’re singing a bit later in the fayre too – listen out for them and remember they’re in the garden and by the tree!

As we mentioned earlier, there is a raffle, so grab your tickets and check your numbers. Also, look out for Santa in his grotto, refreshments and you can even try your luck at hook-a-duck.

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you with more next week!





Another Week Gone!

Time flies here at Homelands. It’s already been half term and we are hurtling towards Christmas. Our special Christmas sign is in the office window, telling us how many days there are to go until the big day – count along with us!


Last Friday saw all of us wearing spots to raise money for the wonderful cause, Children In Need. Check out the Facebook page for some spotty children in the garden! We raised £182.50, a great amount that will go towards helping children who maybe aren’t as lucky as us at Homelands.

Amazing Assembly!

What a unusually loud assembly – Years Three and Four performed some Samba music! There were all sorts of things going on including: surdo drums, repinques, djembes, tambourims, agogo bells and ganzas. These were amazing performances put together in ten weeks thanks to Mr Collings and Miss Page!

Anti-Bullying Raps! 

Monday saw anti-bullying raps recited by Years Three to Six, all about either how not to bully or somebody who was being bullied. Let’s hope we don’t bully at Homelands and we all display our Homelands Values, which were introduced in 2012.

Remember, you are NOT being bullied unless it happens more than once! Always tell someone and don’t retaliate. If you are still worried, you can call Childline for free on 0800 1111. 

House Points:

Killer Whales: 363 house points (2nd place, I see you have made some improvement!)

Bengal Tigers: 270 house points (3rd place)

Kodiak Bears: 440 house points (1st place, well done!)

Golden Eagles: 239 house points (4th place, you can do it!)

Well done to Kodiak Bears for winning the house cup once again this term! They have now won the House Cup five times, more than anyone else! Come on Killer Whales, you haven’t won it once this year!


Let’s check out attendance figures!

Foundation Stage Two: 90% (7th place, come on)

Year One: 98.6% (1st place, well done)

Year Two: 98% (2nd place, really close)

Year Three: 97.3% (4th place, in the middle again)

Year Four: 97. 4% (3rd place, 0.1% in it with Year Three)

Year Five: 96.2% (5th place, at least you were better than Year Six)

Year Six: 92% (6th place, your attendance has really taken a knock)

What’s happened to our attendance this week? We certainly haven’t been as healthy as most weeks! Let’s hope that our attendance is better next week!

Remember that next week we have the Christmas Fayre!

It’s been a great (if busy) week and we’ll give you more next week!





A Busy Week!

On Friday 11th November 2016, we held a two-minute silence in the playground at 11 o’clock to remember all of the brave soldiers who died to keep our country a free country. Mrs Colegate rang the bell and we all joined hands to remember. If you bought some poppy accessories, thank you – your donation goes to a good cause.

House Points:

Bengal Tigers: 354 house points.

Golden Eagles: 251 house points.

Killer Whales: 228 house points.

Kodiak Bears: 410 house points.

Well done to the Kodiak Bears who retain their winning streak, winning for the third time in a row. Come on, Killer Whales!


Let’s shine a light on this week’s attendance figures!

Foundation Stage Two: 90.3% (7th place. Come on!)

Year One: 94% (5th place)

Year Two: 91.6% (6th place)

Year Three: 98.6% (2nd place)

Year Four: 95.5% (4th place)

Year Five: 97.9% (3rd place)

Year Six: 99.3% (1st place, well done!)

Well done to Year Six for winning the attendance cup again! Let’s just hope that the attendance is better for other classes next week!


Last week, we all went to an assembly about anti-bullying. We all learnt lots of things and took away some important messages-it isn’t bullying unless it is done more than once. There is another important thought that we should all consider: ‘One kind word can change someone’s entire day!’

That’s all from us this week and we’ll update you on more next week!

Poppy Accessories Sell Out!

Thank you to everyone who has donated an amount of money for one of the poppy accessories. It all goes to a good cause- The Royal British Legion. This is the day where poppies and other items to do with poppies get worn to remember all the who fought in wars to keep us safe. If you haven’t already seen our last blog, the prices are on there.

House Points:

Here are this week’s house points results!

Bengal Tigers: 262 house points (2nd Place)

Killer Whales: 214 house points (4th Place. Come on!)

Golden Eagles: 252 house points (3rd Place)

Kodiak Bears: 295 house points (1st Place. Well done!)

Well done to Kodiak Bears for the second week running!


Let’s see what this week’s attendance figures are!

Foundation Stage Two: 97.6% (4th place)

Year One: 98.6% (3rd place)

Year Two: 99.3% (1st place with one late, well done)

Year Three: 96.6% (6th place)

Year Four: 90.3% (7th place, come on)

Year Five: 97.5% (5th place)

Year Six: 99.3% (2nd with 3 lates)

Well done to Year Two, who are victorious this week. Year Four, however, need to step up their game if they want to win it at least once this term! The school average for the week was 97%.

Thank you for reading and we will inform you on more next week!



What a busy week!

We’ve got loads of things to tell you about this week including: Harvest Festival, School Council and a whole lot more!


This week, we have been bringing in tins of food for ‘The Salvation Army’ to have. We have also had an assembly from a member of ‘The Salvation Army’.This is a good cause because it goes to families that maybe don’t have enough money to buy their own food or maybe they don’t have enough shelter for the whole family.

House Points:

Kodiak Bears: 381 house points

Golden Eagles: 313 house points

Killer Whales: 240 house points (Come on Killer Whales, you can do it!)

Bengal Tigers: 387 house points

Bengal Tigers won yet again, well done for the hat trick!


Foundation Stage Two: 99.3% (1st place, well done!)

Year One: 96% (5th place)

Year Two: 98.6% (2nd place)

Year Three: 92.3% (6th place)

Year Four: 88.1% (7th place. What happened?)

Year Five: 96.6% (3rd place)

Year Six: 96.3% (4th place)

Well done to Foundation Stage Two! Hopefully next week will be a healthier week for Year Four. The school average this week was 95.3%.

School Council:

This year, there are some changes to school council. Key Stage One now have to go into the ‘polling station’ (The School Hall) to vote as this year we are voting like adults do. There will be a boy and a girl from each class that have been voted for by the students in their class. The election will be on Tuesday 11th October. Good luck to everyone!

Thank you for reading and we will update you on more next week!

Half Term Ends!

It’s the first week back and everyone is smiling and willing to learn. Pupils all over the school are glad to be back and learning again. Let’s hope attendance is much better this half term!

An interesting assembly:

On Friday 21st October, each class (except Foundation Stage and Year One) hosted a contribution to a British Values assembly, which was very informative. Here are the contributions:

Year Two: Mutual Respect

Year Three: Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Year Four: Individual Liberty

Year Five: Rule of Law

Year Six: Democracy

All of our British Values were shown here and everybody is hoping that we can show these in school every day.

Last half term attendance:

These are the results from the week before half term!

Foundation Stage Two: 98.6% (1st place. Well done!)

Year One: 98.3% (2nd place)

Year Two: 95.3% (6th place with 1 late)

Year Three: 96.3% (4th place)

Year Four: 88.8% (7th place, come on!)

Year Five: 97% (3rd place)

Year Six: 95.3% (5th place with no lates)

Year Four really need to try harder this week for better attendance! The school average for this week was: 95.7%, just under our target of 96%.

House Points:

Remember that this week, the house points were a double rollover!

Kodiak Bears: 460 house points

Golden Eagles: 359 house points

Killer Whales: 388 house points

Bengal Tigers: 428 house points

Well done to the Kodiak Bears, who have won the double rollover and we’ll see if they can be the house to beat for two weeks running next week!

Poppy selling:

From Wednesday 2nd November 2016 Year Six will be selling Royal British Legion merchandise in the atrium, plus going round in the school day with poppies to sell. These will be priced at 20p each.

Prices for merchandise:

Friendship Bracelet: £1 suggested donation.

Slap Rulers: £1 suggested donation.

Wristbands: 50p suggested donation.

Reflectors: 50p suggested donation.

Pencils: £1 suggested donation.

This is all for a good cause: The Royal British Legion. This charity is about helping to support the Armed Forces Community with their vital work.

Remember that the merchandise will sell quickly!

It’s been a great week and we will update you with more next week!

Wear dots, raise lots!

On Friday 14th October, Laura from RNIB came to speak to us about how to help blind people and what it means to be blind. We all wore dots; gave a donation of at least £1 and raised £173. Thank you to everyone who wore dots and remember you are helping blind people with their everyday lives.

House points will be a double rollover and we will inform you of the total house points after half term.


Let’s take a look at this week’s attendance!

Foundation Stage Two: 93.3% (7th place, come on!)

Year One: 97.6% (5th place)

Year Two: 98.6% (3rd place)

Year Three: 99.3% (2nd place)

Year Four: 97% (6th place)

Year Five: 98.3% (4th place)

Year Six: 99.6% (1st place, well done again!)

Year Six seem to be going for the hat trick but we’ll let you know whether this has happened after half term. The school average for the week was 97.6%.

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you on more after half term!



School Council Elections!

This week has been very exciting as for the first time Key stage One and Key stage Two have voted like adults at the polling station. Speeches were delivered from the candidates and on Wednesday the 12th October 2016 we find out the results and the winners from each class will be announced!

 An Interesting Day…

On Thursday 6th October 2016 Year Two had a visit from Daisy the guinea pig for the day. She helped them with their writing and in return the Year Twos helped to look after her!

House Points:

Kodiak Bears: 279 house points

Killer Whales: 192 house points

Golden Eagles: 212 house points

Bengal Tigers: 191 house points

Well done to the Kodiak Bears who finally broke the Bengal Tiger’s winning streak!


Let’s shine a light on this week’s attendance figures!

Foundation Stage Two: 96.6% (5th with 2 lates)

Year One: 97% (3rd)

Year Two: 97.6% (2nd)

Year Three: 96.6% (4th with no lates)

Year Four: 92.9% (6th)

Year Five: 92.6% (7th. Come On)

Year Six: 98% (1st. Well Done)

It’s been a great week for Year Six and by the look of the registers, they’re on their way to another victory! The week average for the whole school was 95.9%, just below our target of 96%.

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you more next week!


St Marychurch visit!

Year One and Two were lucky enough to have a visit each to St Marychurch this week! Year Two visited on Wednesday 21st September and Year One visited on Thursday 22nd September. They had a lovely time looking at all the different houses and shops that were around and it was a lovely day to have a walk- sunny with a bit of cloud.

House Points

House points this week have gone down a bit since last week. We’ve got the figures here:

Killer Whales-142 House Points

Golden Eagles-153 House Points

Kodiak Bears-190 House Points

Bengal Tigers-212 House Points

Well done to the Bengal Tigers who have won the House Cup for two weeks running!


Sadly, the attendance this week hasn’t been very good, as Year Six unfortunately didn’t manage to reach our goal of 96%. The results were as follows:

Foundation Stage Two-99.3% (2nd Place)

Year One-97% (6th Place with one late)

Year Two-100% (1st Place. Well Done!)

Year Three-97% (5th Place)

Year Four-98.5% (3rd Place)

Year Five-97.6% (4th Place)

Year Six-92.6% (7th Place. Come on!)

Well done to everyone!

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you with more next week!