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Preparing For Red Nose Day!

This week, all the children have been buying red noses to prepare for red nose day on the Friday 24th March! Thank you to to everyone who brought a red nose for comic relief and well done if you managed to get the ultra rare Frankenstein red nose!


Foundation Stage Two: 91% (6th place)

Year One: 90.6% (7th place)

Year Two: 96.6% (2nd place)

Year Three:95.1% (3rd place)

Year Four: 95.6% (5th place)

Year Five: 97.6% (1st place)

Year Six: 95% (4th place)

House Points: 

Last weeks:

Killer Whales: 166 House Points ( 2nd place  So close)

Bengal Tigers: 167 House Points (1st place well done Bengal tigers!)

Golden Eagles: 149 House Points ( 3rd place ,come on guys.)

Kodiak Bears: 140 House Points  (4th place, what happened?)

Well done to the Bengal tigers for winning the house cup!

This weeks:

Killer Whales: 71 House Points (4th place, what happened?)

Bengal Tigers: 87 House Points  (3rd place come on)

Golden  Eagles:91 House Points  (2nd place better luck next time!)

Kodiak Bears: 102 House Points (1st place well done)

Well done to the Bengal Tigers for winning last week and well done to the Kodiak Bears for winning this week!

We hope you have a great red nose day and have a wonderful week goodbye!

New Blogging Style!

This week the bloggers have planned an assembly for ideas for the blog from other people in the school! The assembly will be held on Monday 6th March 2017 and we are looking forward to everyone’s suggestions!

House Points:

Golden Eagles: 96 House points (Joint 2nd Place with Bengal Tigers)

Killer Whales: 113 House points (1st Place, Well Done)

Bengal Tigers: 96 House points (Joint 2nd Place with Golden Eagles)

Kodiak Bears: 91 House points (3rd place, Oh No, What Happened)

Well done to the Killer Whales for winning the house cup again! This is the beginning of a winning streak! Unfortunately, for all the other teams, what happened this was not a good week.


Foundation Stage Two: 98% (2nd place, so close!)

Year One: 97.6% (3rd place)

Year Two: 98.6% (1st place, congratulations. Well done)

Year Three: 94.4% (5th place)

Year Four: 93.3% (6th place)

Year Five: 92.3% (7th place, What happened?)

Year Six: 96.3% (4th place)

Well done to Year Two for winning! Lets hope you stay healthy for a chance to win again next week! Well we hope you all have an amazing week and we look forward to you reading our blog again next week and remember the weather is very rainy so wear a coat! Bye!