Year Two’s SATs Done!

Year Two, who have done some tests, have finished them now, Yesterday, they did their last test, which was Maths. Well done to all of the Year Twos, who have been brilliant with all their tests! Remember, the next time you’ll have to sit SATs will be Year Six, but that doesn’t mean you stop being brilliant!

House Points:

Killer Whales: 99 house points (1st place, well done!)

Kodiak Bears: 69 house points ( joint 3rd place)

Bengal Tigers: 85 house points (2nd place, so close!)

Golden Eagles: 69 house points ( joint 3rd place)

Well done to the Killer Whales for winning the house cup this week! Unfortunately, Golden Eagles have yet to win this term although the scores were very close this week!


Foundation Stage Two: 96.6% (joint 3rd, no lates)

Year One: 96.6% (joint 3rd, no lates)

Year Two: 91.3% (6th place, catch up next week!)

Year Three: 92% (5th place)

Year Four: 98.5% (2nd place, really, really close)

Year Five: 93.3% (4th place)

Year Six: 98.6% (1st place, just scraping a win!)

Well done to Year Six, who just about scrape a win over Year Four, who¬†STILL haven’t won this year! Come on Year Four, we believe in you! The school average for the week was 95.2%, still not at our 96% target.

Art Week:

This week, it’s Art Week and the theme for this year is ‘Around the World’. Each class is doing different things to contribute to the display.

These are some pictures of the artwork from each class:




Every piece of artwork is made by the children – 100% effort has gone in to making these and they will look wonderful on display when the parents come to view your work!

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