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Prickly Ball Farm Visit!

On Wednesday 17th May, Foundation Stage One are going to Prickly Ball Farm. This is their school trip for the year and they have been visiting for a few years now. Prickly Ball Farm got its name because they have rescued hedgehogs which our youngest children will thoroughly enjoy handling. Unfortunately, the weather is not in their favour but this will not dampen their spirit. Here’s hoping that they have a really good time learning about the animals!

House Points:

Golden Eagles: 110 house points (joint 3rd place)

Killer Whales: 110 house points (joint 3rd place)

Kodiak Bears: 148 house points (1st place, well done!)

Bengal Tigers: 128 house points (2nd place, so close!)

Well done to the Kodiak Bears for winning the house cup this week. A draw at the bottom between the Golden Eagles and the Killer Whales secures only the second draw this year!


Let’s check out the attendance figures for this week:

Foundation Stage Two: 95.6% (3rd place with no lates)

Year One: 98% (1st place, well done!)

Year Two: 92% (7th place, come on!)

Year Three: 95.5% (5th place)

Year Four: 94.8% (6th place)

Year Five: 95.6% (4th place with one late)

Year Six: 97.6% (2nd place, you were really close!)

Well done to Year One who secure the attendance cup this week. Year Six were really close to them but just couldn’t catch them up, even in SATs week. The school average for this week was 95.5% – still not hitting our 96% target.

Please bring a coat to school although Summer is upon us – we haven’t moved to Spain in the last week (see last blog post) and it could rain at any moment because this is just the typical British weather, being unpredictable. If you do not bring a coat you may not be allowed outside since it is wet and cold. Foundation Stage One and Two need adequate waterproofs: a waterproof jacket; a pair of waterproof trousers and wellington boots.

Please, this is a reminder to the whole school to remember to bring their P.E. kit on P.E. days.

Here are P.E. days for the whole school:

Foundation Stage Two: Wednesday and Thursday

Year One: Thursday and Friday

Year Two: Wednesday and Friday

Year Three: Monday and Wednesday

Year Four: Tuesday and Wednesday

Year Five: Thursday and Friday

Year Six: Monday and Thursday

Please make sure your P.E. kit is in school on the days corresponding to whichever class you’re in otherwise you cannot do P.E.. Even if your school shoes are already trainers, you need a change of shoes or you can’t take part.

It’s been a great week and we’ll be back with more (and some Foundation Stage One children who can say they’ve held hedgehogs) next week!


SATs Coming Up!

Year Two have their end of Key Stage One SATs coming up next week so we have some useful tips.

  1. Don’t worry about them! They’re only tests – just do your best.
  2. At home, play lots of games but remember your reading – there’s a reading test.
  3. Remember, all of your teachers are there for you: if you want a chat, just ask.

We hope these tips helped you and you smile right through the SATs!

House Points:

Here’s hoping the house points have gone up!

Golden Eagles: 212 House Points (4th place, come on!)

Kodiak Bears: 241 House Points (1st place, well done!)

Killer Whales: 235 House Points (2nd place, really close!)

Bengal Tigers: 220 House Points (3rd place, better luck next time!)

Well done to the Kodiak Bears who have won again.


Let’s hope that the attendance is on the up since we’ve had lots of lates and absences this last term.

Foundation Stage Two: 93.1% (6th place)

Year One: 98.6% (1st place, well done!)

Year Two: 94% (5th place)

Year Three: 96.5% (3rd place)

Year Four: 95.5% (4th place)

Year Five: 98% (2nd place, so close!)

Year Six: 92% (7th place, what happened!?)

This week’s average was 95.3%. The attendance has gone up a bit, though Year Six, who had 100% last week, have dropped significantly! Year Four haven’t won this at all this year, not very good!

This week is a four-day week, so there will be no star of the week or assembly but there will be a house points double rollover so we will we giving two lots of house points next week.

You don’t have to bring a coat in now as it’s the summer term but you need adequate PE kit: shorts, t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls. Girls, if you’re wearing tights, you need PE socks and a jacket is helpful for colder days. It’s summer, but please remember that we live in England, not Spain (where some of you have been on holiday), so the weather is unpredictable!

We hope you have a great week and smile through your SATs!