Science Afternoon!

On Friday, most of the school took part in a science afternoon. Most children invited their parents to this interesting event. They viewed what the children had been learning about and what they had been making. The parents, if they wanted to, could help the children with their experiments. This all resulted in some very exciting creations!

Science Creations:

Foundation Stage Two had an exciting time seeing the frogspawn in the pond!

Year One made slime, zappy zoomers and hover balls!

Year Two experimented by putting a coin in vinegar!

Year Three had fun making sycamore helicopters!

Year Four had a circuit building race against each other!

Year Five made some amazing parachutes using plastic bags!

Year Six made working fans using an electric circuit!

House Points:

This week we did not have any house points because of the animals who kindly paid a visit but we will have a double rollover next week. This is the same as star of the week – there will be two from each class, one from this week and one from next week. Remember assemblies are now at 9:00 on a Friday morning.


Let’s hope attendance is on the up!

Foundation Stage Two: 91.6% (6th Place)

Year One: 94% (3rd Place)

Year Two: 92% (5th Place)

Year Three: 97.9% (2nd Place)

Year Four: 92.5% (4th Place)

Year Five: 91.3% (7th Place, Come On!)

Year Six: 99.6% (1st Place, Well Done!)

Well done to Year Six, the winning class once again! They’re on a streak now! The week average for this week is 94.1%. Oh dear! From this (un) scientific experiment with attendance figures, Mrs Andrews and Mrs Proctor have found this: attendance is not on the up. Everyone needs to try a bit harder to come to school next week!

The animals came to Homelands School, hurrah, hurrah!


Red Noses!

This week, the children from Year Six who are hoping to receive money for their Civic Award charities are helping to run the Red Nose sale. Each Red Nose costs £1. They are being sold at the glass cabinet located in the middle of the school at lunchtimes from 12:30pm until the end of lunch time. Red Noses are being sold until they all run out and they are selling fast now everyone NOSE about them, so come with a pound to bag your Red Nose! We have also sung the Red Nose Song in Singing Assembly and we will have a video of the children singing this song next week so please come along and watch it! We will not show any of the children’s faces to protect identity so we will be filming from the back of the hall. We are also having Red Nose Day Mufti Day on Friday 24th March, so please come along in your red clothes with your Red Noses on and a pound, which will go to Comic Relief Charity Appeal. If you donate money, you will be one of the hundreds of thousands of super stars to add to the Big Amount at the end of the telethon. The money will go to help children and young people in poorer countries.

We’ve had a great and busy week so come back next week for our house points double rollover and our Red Nose Extravaganza!

17/3/17: We are sorry to say that the Red Nose Sale has been discontinued due to high demand and a sell out. Sorry to anyone who wanted a Red Nose, but they are being sold in Sainsbury’s Torquay for a pound.








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