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A Very Icy Week!

This week has had some extraordinary experiences for Foundation Stage Two. They have been learning about space. They now know all the names of the planets in the solar system! They have also looked at space rockets and have had lots of fun!

In addition, they have also learnt about Chinese New Year and dressed up as a dragon, they also danced like a dragon. They have also looked at a Chinese New Year calendar.

Lastly, they have been great number hunters and have found lots of numbers!

This week sounds like a great week and we hope they have had lots of fun, inside and outside!


Let’s check out attendance figures!

Foundation Stage Two: 89.3% (7th Place, not great!)

Year One: 96.3% (3rd Place)

Year Two: 93.6% (5th Place)

Year Three: 96.6% (2nd Place)

Year Four: 92.2% (6th Place)

Year Five: 94.3% (4th Place)

Year Six: 97.6% (1st Place, well done)

Well done to Year 6 for winning the attendance cup once again this term! Come on Year Four and Foundation Stage Two, you need to pull your socks up if you want to win the attendance cup! The school average for the week was 94.2%, way below our target of 96%.  We only had three classes out of seven above our target. We’ve had a bad week from an attendance point of view, so let’s hope for a better week next week. We’ve had lots of illness but we send a big Homelands Get Well Soon to those who are ill, and lots of hope out to those who aren’t, so that we can award a 100% Attendance Certificate next week!

House Points: 

Let’s take a look at attendance figures!

Kodiak Bears: 203 House Points (2nd Place)

Bengal Tigers: 186 House Points (3rd Place)

Killer Whales: 212 House Points (1st Place, Well Done!)

Golden Eagles: 178 House Points (4th Place, Come On!)

Well done to the Killer Whales for winning the house cup for one of the first times this term! Come on Golden Eagles, you are still yet to score!

Parents, please remember that every single child MUST have a coat in school until half term because a lot of the forecast is wet, windy and cold and without a coat, your child CANNOT go outdoors because they will become wet and/or cold and have to wear their PE kit. Also, please remind your child not to jump in the puddles at break time because their shoes will become wet. Thank you.

It’s been a great (if cold and wet) week and we’ll be back with more next week!