Some Exciting Events!

This week, Foundation Stage Two went to Pizza Express! They had a very fun time creating and eating their very own pizzas! They had a special Pizza Express chef hat and they now know how to make pizza for tea! They also had certificates and kept their chef hats. Sounds like a yummy day out!

On Tuesday 24th January 2017, firemen paid a visit to Years Two and Five to tell the children about what they do in an emergency. The children were extremely grateful for the visit and we are hoping we will get another one soon!


Let’s check attendance. Have we had a happy, healthy week.

Foundation Stage Two: 95.3% (7th Place, what happened?)

Year One: 98.6% (2nd Place, so close!)

Year Two: 95.6% (5th Place with two lates)

Year Three: 100% (1st Place, well done!)

Year Four: 95.5% (6th Place)

Year Five: 95.6% (4th Place with no lates)

Year Six: 96.6% (3rd Place)

Well done to Year Three for winning the attendance cup and for having everybody in school and healthy all week! The school average for this week was 96.7%.

House Points:

Have we had a good house point week? Come on Golden Eagles, you areĀ stillĀ yet to win!

Golden Eagles: 163 House Points (3rd Place)

Killer Whales: 180 House Points (2nd Place)

Bengal Tigers: 160 House Points (4th Place, what happened?)

Kodiak Bears: 215 House Points (1st Place, well done!)

Well done to the Kodiak Bears for winning the house cup once again this term! Maybe next time, Golden Eagles!

We had a very healthy week this week and well done to Year Three for 100% and to Kodiak Bears for winning the House Cup again. Have a lovely week and we will update you on more next week!




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