Clubs Have Now Started!

It’s the second week back and clubs have started again! Cookery Club has started for ¬†Year Two who have taken a shine to cooking! They have made some yummy food!

House Points:

Let’s check out the house points!

Bengal Tigers: 221 House Points (3rd Place)

Kodiak Bears: 258 House Points (2nd Place)

Killer Whales: 259 House Points (1st Place, well done!)

Golden Eagles: 216 House Points (4th Place, come on! You have yet to win!)

Well done to the Killer Whales who have finally won by one house point!


Let’s check out attendance for this week!

Foundation Stage Two: 97% (4th Place with two lates)

Year One: 97% (2nd Place with no lates)

Year Two: 93.6% (7th Place)

Year Three: 97% (3rd Place with one late)

Year Four: 94.4% (6th Place)

Year Five: 98.6% (1st Place, well done!)

Year Six: 96% (5th Place)

Well done to Year Five who have won yet again this year! Come on Year Six, you haven’t won in a while!

The school average for this week was 96.2%.

Key Stage One have been working really hard this week and we’ll leave you on the note that we’ve had a great week and we’ll update you again next week!

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