Monthly Archives: December 2016

What A Colourful Friday!

On Friday 25th November, the whole school had a mufti day. All the pupils could dress up in what they liked. They were allowed to do this with no money to donate but donations to the Christmas Fayre came in instead.

Thank you for all of your donations to the Christmas Fayre – they’ll be raffled off so keep your eyes open for lucky numbers!

House Points:

Killer Whales: 313 house points (4th place, better luck next time!)

Golden Eagles: 320 house points (3rd place, come on!)

Kodiak Bears: 331 house points (1st place, again?)

Bengal Tigers: 327 house points (2nd place, really close!)

Well done to the Kodiak Bears who have won yet again! Killer Whales we need you to try harder next week!


What happened to our attendance this week, it’s absolutely¬†abysmal!

Foundation Stage Two: 83% (7th place, what happened?)

Year One: 94.3% (4th place)

Year Two: 95.6% (3rd place)

Year Three: 97% (2nd place, you were so close!)

Year Four: 94% (5th place)

Year Five: 97.6% (1st place well done!)

Year Six: 92.3% (6th place, come on!)

Well done to Year Five for winning the attendance cup again this term! The week average for our attendance was 93.4%, miles away from our 96% target. Let’s be a bit more healthy next week!

Christmas Nativity!

On Monday 28th November, Years One and Two performed an amazing Christmas nativity! This Christmas nativity was called Christmas Counts! It was performed at the Princess Theatre, Torquay. Check out the Herald Express next week for some Christmassy fun! Thanks go to Miss Page, Miss Shorland, Mrs Maskell, Miss Burton, Miss Gogh, Mrs Harding, Mrs Burke,  Mrs Stephens, all of the Performing Arts club and everyone else who helped to make this performance a great one.

Cookery Club!

Last week at cookery club, the children cooked up a storm with their chicken fajitas, couscous and chocolate brownies! These Year One and Two children have really enjoyed their cooking this term and they will be sad to switch with another group of children next term! We’re especially sure that their parents will miss the children coming home talking about their wonderful, tasty creations!

Topics in Years One and Two!

This term, Year One and Two have been doing some really exciting topics! Year One have done ‘Old And New’ and Year Two have done ‘The Great Fire Of London’. Look out for some displays decorating our hallways and their classrooms! These classes have really enjoyed history this term and eagerly await next term’s topic!

What to expect from the Christmas Fayre 2016!

This year, at the Christmas Fayre, Performing Arts club are singing to open the fayre. They’re singing a bit later in the fayre too – listen out for them and remember they’re in the garden and by the tree!

As we mentioned earlier, there is a raffle, so grab your tickets and check your numbers. Also, look out for Santa in his grotto, refreshments and you can even try your luck at hook-a-duck.

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you with more next week!