Monthly Archives: September 2016

St Marychurch visit!

Year One and Two were lucky enough to have a visit each to St Marychurch this week! Year Two visited on Wednesday 21st September and Year One visited on Thursday 22nd September. They had a lovely time looking at all the different houses and shops that were around and it was a lovely day to have a walk- sunny with a bit of cloud.

House Points

House points this week have gone down a bit since last week. We’ve got the figures here:

Killer Whales-142 House Points

Golden Eagles-153 House Points

Kodiak Bears-190 House Points

Bengal Tigers-212 House Points

Well done to the Bengal Tigers who have won the House Cup for two weeks running!


Sadly, the attendance this week hasn’t been very good, as Year Six unfortunately didn’t manage to reach our goal of 96%. The results were as follows:

Foundation Stage Two-99.3% (2nd Place)

Year One-97% (6th Place with one late)

Year Two-100% (1st Place. Well Done!)

Year Three-97% (5th Place)

Year Four-98.5% (3rd Place)

Year Five-97.6% (4th Place)

Year Six-92.6% (7th Place. Come on!)

Well done to everyone!

It’s been a great week and we’ll update you with more next week!